The Two Most Important Words in Training

Show me.

Two little words that carry the weight of all your training efforts.  These two words initiate an assessment process showing whether your trainees  learned what they were taught or just provided a tunnel for sound to pass through.

Important Words

When I was a young manager at a retail store, I had several college employees turn over as graduations occurred.  This forced me to do a lot of new employee training.  I learned, slowly unfortunately, that speaking at an employee to train them had a little value, but having them actually show me what they learned was extremely effective.  Not only did I see my training holes, but also the interpretation of my training and how it was executed.

I remember showing an employee how to organize a book section and explained its alphabetical arrangement.  I had purposefully mis-filed some product so the employee would have to fix the section.  Leaving her to the task, I came back in 10 minutes to find she had re alphabetized the entire section by title when it should have been by author.

*forehead smack*

Frustrating, but it showed me two things: 1. she clearly knew how to alphabetize, and 2. I forgot to say HOW it was alphabetized because I was so used to the “by author” mentality.

It is very common for a manager to train an employee and ask “do you understand?”  When the employee says “yes” the manager typically walks away thinking they finished that training episode.  Watch what happens next time if the manager follows that up with “Show me” instead of walking away.  Questions start to come out, and the employee reveals a lack of understanding in many cases.  Those two little words just prevented extra cost and lost productivity from happening.

Does this concept make sense?  Ok, show me…

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