Highlights from the Learning Solutions Conference Day 1

This week I’m attending the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions conference in Orlando, Florida. For those of you who follow me on Twitter you’ve no doubt seen significant activity. I’ve been pushing out the key soundbites I’ve heard today and want to list them again here so others can share.

Learning Solutions

Here are some of my favorites from today:

Give information! We live in an age where data is possible. Use it and communicate it. A. Dignan (#lscon)

Difficult things are only bad if they have poor context. A. Dignan (#lscon)

Games always hold something out of reach that the player strives to reach. A. Dignan (#lscon)

Games activate our “seeking” circuitry via A. Dignan (#lscon)

Play is nature’s learning engine. It’s everywhere via A. Dignan (#lscon)

Average gamer in the US is 37 years old. 42% are female. Via A. Dignan (#lscon)

Lack of volition & lack of faculty are primary causes of boredom at work A. Dignan (#lscon)

Tech does not guarantee good learning, but it can prevent it – via @marcjrosenberg (#lscon)

The more advanced he learner the greater the desire for informal, personalized learning @marcjrosenberg (#lscon)

Tactics and strategy are different but interrelated things. Via @marcjrosenberg (#lscon)

Via @marcjrosenberg Things in elearning are changing incredibly fast (#lscon)

Adults ultimately want practical, applicable knowledge, not an hour of theory (#lscon)

Appeal to people emotionally when promoting training. Via Sarah Clarke (#lscon)

Secret to training: borrow brilliance. Sarah Clarke (#lscon)

Ugly truth: people are learning all the time. Without you. @janebozarth (#lscon)

@janebozarth shares self-created FB groups by NC corrections officers for social lrning. Neat (#lscon)

Learners are driving the change in Learning, not providers via @janebozarth (#lscon)

Learn out loud so passive knowledge isn’t lost via @janebozarth (#lscon)

eLearning “Guild”-master trains journeyman who helps apprentice. H. Fisk (#lscon)

Peers can be a excellent resource to reinforce training. (#lscon)

Always define your training goals as behaviors ~Kohn (#lscon)

#education is not tantamount to behavior change ~A. Kohn (#lscon)

Multitasking only works with tasks that use common cognitive processes ~Kohn (#lscon)

Evolve learning so it is a fundamental part of our daily lives. ~A. Kohn (#lscon)

Social Learning is not a substitute for effective teaching. ~A. Kohn (#lscon)

The brain is really really good at narrative arcs. Append your facts into those. ~A. Kohn (#lscon)

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