When Training Works

I love seeing good training in action. It’s a great reminder to all the managers, supervisors, leaders, and trainers out there how effective good training can be.

I’m on vacation in Glacier National Park this week with my wife, and have had the most excellent experience of interacting with multiple Rangers from the National Park Service.

Rangers at the St. Mary's visitor's center in Glacier National Park

Rangers at the St. Mary’s visitor’s center in Glacier National Park

To a person they have been kind, professional, knowledgeable, engaged, well-groomed, and enjoyable. Of special note were two young female seasonal Rangers, one in the Nature Center at the Whitefish resort on the 28th, and the other the sole Ranger manning the station at Two Medicine on the 29th. Both treated us like we were the only people in the world they were there to serve. How different life would be if everyone had customer service like these two.

Thinking about these fine people also reminded me how important it is to hire well. Without a good base to work from, it’s very difficult to get staff trained to an exceptional level. Poor hires lead to poor customer experiences.

One final note and then I’m back to vacation: there weren’t supervisors hovering around these people. They were trained to do their jobs, and then they were empowered to do them. I really appreciated that.

Now, back to my campfire…(where’d that marshmellow roasting stick go to…)

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