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Long-Term Effects of an Unbalanced Training Strategy

As more start-ups and small- to mid-sized companies start new training divisions, I’m seeing a practice that could have negative long-term implications: a narrowly focused training department. In each of these three types of companies, it’s common to have a … Continue reading

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Measuring Training Success When Opening New Locations

How do learning and development professionals know they’ve been successful after they’ve finished training a new staff and helped open a new location? With that question, I’m specifically talking about retail, restaurants, clinics, etc. with public-facing locations that interact with … Continue reading

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Why Leadership Training Often Fails

There is a very simple reason why leadership training fails in so many companies across America, and it’s the same reason a lot of training fails. It’s both easy to identify, and simple to understand, yet it can be very difficult … Continue reading

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Effective Corporate Learning Environments Need This

What makes for an effective corporate learning environment?  Does that question cause pictures of boardrooms, or training halls pop into your head?  Maybe your first thought was of an employee’s desk or an eLearning lab.  All of these can be … Continue reading

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Stop Blaming the LMS

There is a fast growing movement in the learning and development industry that has me troubled. Across all channels, I see L&D Professionals, especially those that are not experts in their field, espousing “the LMS (learning management system) is DEAD.” A quick … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the Frustrations of Learning and Development

Working in Learning and Development (L&D) can be a very rewarding career. Few jobs allow you to impact so many people on a daily basis without an emergency involved. As I develop and implement training, what I do has a … Continue reading

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When Training Fails Epically

Tonight, Greg Gianforte, the Montana candidate for the House of Representatives seat that was opened due to political appointment, allegedly body slammed a reporter for asking him tough questions. Tomorrow is the election. True or not, this can’t go well … Continue reading

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