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Effective Corporate Learning Environments Need This

What makes for an effective corporate learning environment?  Does that question cause pictures of boardrooms, or training halls pop into your head?  Maybe your first thought was of an employee’s desk or an eLearning lab.  All of these can be … Continue reading

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How Routine Causes Speakers to Forget Their Audience

I recently sat through a sermon at church where the pastor, a great guy who also teaches at a Bible College as a Missions Professor, taught at a level that far exceeded the capabilities of the audience. His sermon was … Continue reading

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How a New Computer Taught Me to Be a Better Trainer

What I didn’t expect when I turned my new computer on for the first time at 6:45 am yesterday was a great object lesson on training. I was really excited about the computer because it represented a big improvement in performance that was … Continue reading

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Advice to New Managers

Nathaniel was excited. After working part time at the store for almost a year, while simultaneously holding down a full-time job in another division of the company, his hard work finally paid off. At just 21, he’d been promoted to … Continue reading

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Advice for Those New to Learning and Development

Learning & Development. Training. Talent Development. Staff Development. Human Resource Training Department. People in this line of work fall under many different names. Studies show the vast majority of people in the US that work in the field of training … Continue reading

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Why Helping Employees Through Hard Times Matters

One of my favorite movies is Forrest Gump, and one of my favorite scenes in the movie (there are many!) is when Forrest is running and steps in dog manure. The guy running with him says “Woah man, you just … Continue reading

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The Measure of a Great Learning and Development Professional

What makes a learning and development person great? In every industry, there are exceptional people that rise to the top as the most admired and followed. These are the people companies seek to hire as consultants or key employees, and … Continue reading

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