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Stop Blaming the LMS

There is a fast growing movement in the learning and development industry that has me troubled. Across all channels, I see L&D Professionals, especially those that are not experts in their field, espousing “the LMS (learning management system) is DEAD.” A quick … Continue reading

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7 Tips on Training Software

In my experience, training someone to use software is one of the more difficult types of training to create effectively. It is so easy to be boring, use technical jargon, extend the training too long, or fall into the dreaded “trying to … Continue reading

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Why You Must Master the Rules Before Breaking Them

“To break the rules, you must first master them.” I’m currently in Las Vegas attending at tradeshow for work, and I saw an advertisement (pictured below) with this trademarked quote. At first, I just thought it was kind of cool. … Continue reading

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The Measure of a Great Learning and Development Professional

What makes a learning and development person great? In every industry, there are exceptional people that rise to the top as the most admired and followed. These are the people companies seek to hire as consultants or key employees, and … Continue reading

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Making Webinars Relevant in a Sound Byte World

Last week I wrote about how training can solve the 5 top problems facing the accounting world today. In the first version of my article, a friend correctly criticized me for sounding like I’d declared all webinar training as worthless. … Continue reading

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The One Thing that Solves the Top 5 Challenges Facing CPA Firms Today

In August 2016, the Hinge Research Institute published an article on their research of professional service firms. After surveying over 500 firms, they identified five top business challenges currently facing Accounting and Financial Services firms. In order these were: Attracting … Continue reading

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When Face-to-face Learning Died

In May of 2009, the US Department of Education published a study focused on online learning vs. face-to-face instruction. It was an analysis of more than one thousand studies of online learning, done between 1994 and 2008. The result: 51 instances … Continue reading

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